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Before using Wicker Magic do I need to scrub or rinse off the wicker with water?
No dusting or rinsing is necessary. Just spray on Wicker Magic and you’re done.

How does Wicker Magic work, where does the dust go?
Our special formula of emulsions, UV inhibitors, glossing agents, and dust repellents don’t just cover the dust, it destroys it. The dust particles are organically dissolved making the wicker look like new and the dust repellents help to keep them looking that way.

How long will the wicker look like new?
Depending on your homes air quality, wicker will stay looking like new for about 4-5 months and then need to be treated again at around 6 months.

How long does Wicker Magic take to dry?
Our tests have shown it takes Wicker Magic about 20-30 minutes to fully dry, depending on temperature and humidity.

Does Wicker Magic look the same when it’s dry as when it’s wet?
Yes, this helps you to pick out spots on the plant that you may have missed.

Does Wicker Magic work on all types of wicker?
Wicker Magic works on all types of wicker. Basket and furninture of all different colors.

Does Wicker Magic contain any chemicals?
Wicker Magic is completely green. Wicker Magic contains no solvents, no phosphorus or petroleum distillates that can cause ozone-depletion. Wicker Magic is non-toxic, non-flammable inert and non reactive.

How much Wicker Magic does it take to treat wicker?
the 24 oz trigger sprayer will clean about 50 fquare foot of wicker. One gallon of Wicker Magic will treat about 250 wicker. 5 gallons of Wicker Magic will treat about 220 square foot of wicker.

Is it OK if Wicker Magic gets on plants or grass.
Wicker Magic has no effect on plants or grass. We do not recommend that you clean the wicker on a cement driveway. Even though Wicker Magic will evaporate from cement fairly quickly, it will leave a temperary mark on cement when it rains. Do not spray on asphalt; it will be visible for months.